What is test category?

What is test category?

The notion of a test category (Grothendieck 83) is meant to axiomatize common features of categories of shapes used to model homotopy types in homotopy theory, such as the categories of simplicial sets, cubical sets or cellular sets.

Which attribute is used the specified test category?

TestCategory attribute
TestCategory attribute; used to specify the category of a unit test.

What is TestCategory C#?

Effectively, using TestCategory lets you create a group of tests using any arbitrary system you want. This allows you to create (and run!) groups of tests that you feel are related without having to run every test in a class, a project or a solution.

Which attribute is used in .NET to execute a piece of code in each test case?

After completely executing each test if you want to execute a piece of code then you have to write this code under TearDown attribute.

How do I run MSTest from command line?

To access the MSTest tool, add the Visual Studio install directory to the path or open the Visual Studio Group from the Start menu, and then open the Tools section to access the Visual Studio command prompt. Use the command MSTest from the command prompt.

Is it possible to apply a testcategory per class in MSTest?

This does not solve the problem of applying a TestCategory on a per-class basis, but you can use the /test: command line argument for mstest to specify a search string to match any part of the fully qualified method name of the test.

What is MSTest V2?

MSTest v2.x. Marks a test method. Marks a test class. Triggered before every test case. Triggered after every test case. One-time triggered method before test cases start. One-time triggered method after test cases end. Ignores a test case. Sets arbitrary metadata on a test.

What are the different types of MSTest attributes?

There are other MSTest attributes that enable you to write a suite of similar tests. A DataTestMethod attribute represents a suite of tests that execute the same code but have different input arguments. You can use the DataRow attribute to specify values for those inputs.

What is the difference between required and optional in MSTest?

// A class that contains MSTest unit tests. (Required) // Executes once before the test run. (Optional) // Executes once for the test class. (Optional) // Runs before each test.