What is SuperScript PCR?

What is SuperScript PCR?

SuperScript® III Reverse Transcriptase is a version of M-MLV RT that has been engineered to reduce RNase H activity and provide increased thermal stability. Because SuperScript® III RT is not significantly inhibited by ribosomal and transfer RNA, it can be used to synthesize cDNA from total RNA.

What is the purpose of the Ssiii Taq enzyme mix?

The SuperScript III One-Step RT-PCR System with Platinum Taq High Fidelity is designed for convenient end-point detection and analysis of RNA molecules by one-step RT-PCR.

What is 5X first strand buffer?

First Strand Buffer, 5X, Teknova. Nucleic Acid Reagents RT-PCR and cDNA Reagents. First strand synthesis buffer designed for use in reverse transcription. Consists of Tris-HCl (250 mM), pH 8.3, potassium chloride (375 mM), magnesium chloride (15 mM) and DTT (50 mM).

How is cDNA synthesized in superscript® III?

Using the SuperScript® III First-Strand System. cDNA synthesis is performed in the first step using either total RNA or poly(A) +-selected RNA primed with oligo(dT), random primers, or a gene-specific primer. In the second step, PCR is performed in a separate tube using primers specific for the gene of interest.

What is Invitrogen superscript III first-strand synthesis system?

The Invitrogen SuperScript III First-Strand Synthesis System SuperMix is an optimized SuperMix formulation for first-strand cDNA synthesis from purified poly (A)+ or total RNA. RNA targets from 100 bp to >12 kb can be detected with this system.

What is the superscript III first-strand synthesis system for RT-PCR?

The SuperScript® III First-Strand Synthesis System for RT-PCR is optimized to synthesize first-strand cDNA from purified poly(A) + or total RNA. RNA targets from 100 bp to >12 kb can be detected with this system.

Can I use the kit to synthesize cDNA from RNA?

The kit can be used to synthesize cDNA from for a wide range of input RNA amounts. Note: For superior first-strand cDNA synthesis performance in two-step RT-qPCR, we recommend SuperScript IV VILO Master Mix or SuperScript IV VILO Master Mix with ezDNase Enzyme.