What is SSPI SQL Server?

What is SSPI SQL Server?

SSPI stands for Security Support Provider Interface. The SSPI allows an application to use any of the available security packages on a system without changing the interface to use security services.

What is Sspi in SQL Server?

What is difference between Integrated security true and SSPI?

Integrated Security = True or SSPI are not same. Integrated Security=true; doesn’t work in all SQL providers, it throws an exception when used with the OleDb provider. So basically Integrated Security=SSPI; is preferred since works with both SQLClient & OleDB provider.

How to fix “cannot generate SSPI context”?

Remember that the “Cannot Generate SSPI context” problem described in this post only happens when connecting to a local server; thus, the “” is applicable. If the connection string is prefixed with “tcp”, then you do need to modify your connection string to specify “” as .

Why can’t I connect to the database with SSPI?

For example if you are doing disaster recovery testing to a new sever you may get an SSPI error while connecting to SQL Server. Even more odd is that you may be able to connect using SQL Server Management Studio but you can’t connect via ODBC or OLEDB. There may be a temporary workaround that will probably allow you to get to the database.

Why is MY SQL Server SPN not generating correctly?

It uses DNS to generate the server name so if it resolves the name incorrectly due to CNAMEs or host file etc the generation will fail. Ping the desired server and see what reply you get. If it isn’t the FQDN of the SQL server then the SPN will be generated incorrectly causing this error.

Why can’t I create an SPN for my service account?

When you are running your service account using a local account you will not have this issue, but if you run your serice accounts as an active directory user, then it will need permissions to create its own SPN. If it does not have this permission, you should manually create the SPN.