What is si9000e?

What is si9000e?

Si9000e fast accurate PCB transmission line modeling. With its fast, accurate, frequency-dependent transmission line modeling, the Si9000e is designed to model transmission line loss, impedance at given frequencies and extract full transmission line parameters over a wide range of popular PCB transmission lines (over 100 structures).

What is si9000 transmission line field solver?

The Polar Instruments Si9000 Transmission Line Field Solver incorporates fast and accurate frequency-dependent PCB transmission line modelling. The Si9000 provides for both lossless and frequency-dependent modelling and extracts full transmission line parameters for a wide range of PCB transmission lines.

Why use the si9000e for transmission line impedance analysis?

Increasing numbers of engineers are using the Si8000m as a rapid and accurate design tool for transmission line impedance – the Si9000e extends the output to extract full transmission line parameters. With the Si9000e PCB Insertion Loss Field Solver you can view the full range of 2 and 4-port S-parameters in a single chart window.

How does the si9000e via stub check work?

The Si9000 incorporates a Via Stub check that provides a signal distortion of a via stub. The effects of the stub will increase as the stub length and Er increase and the signal rise time reduces. The Si9000e Via Stub Check supports three modes: