What is SDS 367S?

What is SDS 367S?

SDS 367S. Simulation Modeling. Basic concepts of discrete-event simulation. Statistical input and output analysis; application of simulation software; modeling of systems under uncertainty. Three lecture hours a week for one semester.

What is 393d in SDS?

SDS 393D. Numerical Analysis: Interpolation, Approximation, Quadrature, and Differential Equations. Same as Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics 383D, Computer Science 383D, and Mathematics 383F. Survey of numerical methods for interpolation, functional approximation, integration, and solution of differential equations.

What numbers are included in the SDS 302?

Only one of the following may be counted: Educational Psychology 371, Mathematics 316, Statistics 309, 309H or Statistics and Data Sciences 301 . SDS 302. Data Analysis for the Health Sciences.

What is SDS 301 used for?

SDS 301. Elementary Statistical Methods. Covers the fundamental procedures for data organization and analysis. Subjects include frequency distributions, graphical presentation, sampling, experimental design, inference, and regression.