What is S & P BSE 500 Tri?

What is S & P BSE 500 Tri?

BSE500. The S&P BSE 500 index is designed to be a broad representation of the Indian market. Consisting of the top 500 companies listed at BSE Ltd., the index covers all major industries in the Indian economy.

What is PE Sensex today?

Key information about India P/E ratio India SENSEX recorded a daily P/E ratio of 25.370 on 28 Mar 2022, compared with 25.280 from the previous day. India SENSEX P/E ratio is updated daily, with historical data available from Dec 1988 to Mar 2022.

What is the highest BSE Sensex?

Historically, the SENSEX Stock Market Index reached an all time high of 62245.43 in October of 2021.

Is BSE same as Sensex?

In India, there are two stock exchanges; the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. Each stock exchange needs to have an index to measure the performance of the market. Sensex is the Index for Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), and Nifty is the Index for National Stock Exchange (NSE).

How can I get BSE 500?

Invest in a few minutes with the following steps:

  1. Log on to your Groww account.
  2. Search for ICICI Prudential S&P BSE 500 ETF Growth from the search box.
  3. In order to invest, you will have to complete all the KYC formalities which are completely online and paperless and take a few minutes to complete.

What is the difference between BSE and NSE?

BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE stands for National Stock Exchange….National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Basis for comparison BSE NSE
Liquidity Comparably lower than NSE In case of liquidity, NSE is a clear winner, since volumes traded in NSE are much higher compared with BSE.


The BSE SENSEX is a free-float market-weighted stock market index of 30 well-established and financially sound companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The 30 constituent companies which are some of the largest and most actively traded stocks, are representative of various industrial sectors of the Indian economy.

What is BSE 500 Index?

The BSE 500 i.e. S&P Bombay Stock Exchange 500 is free-float market-weighted stock market index. It is designed to be a broad representation of the Indian market. These top 500 companies listed at BSE Ltd cover all major industries in the Indian economy. Find Right Stocks to invest based on fundamentals; look for Green and Orange companies.

How was the base date of the bse-500 fixed?

The base date was fixed after a detailed analysis of the relative volatility of BSE-200, the index closest to BSE-500, over the last 8 years. The coefficient of variation of BSE-200 for 1998-99 was one of the lowest in this period.

How to get latest SENSEX data from Bombay Stock Exchange?

If you have RSS reader, Please Cut and Paste the URL www.bseindia.com/data/xml/notices.xml in your RSS Reader. Download any online RSS reader of your choice. This is an RSS feed from the Bombay Stock Exchange website. This RSS feeds allow you to stay up to date with the latest SENSEX values on continuous basis.