What is Report Writing?

Report papers and reviews based on books are thought out to be nearly the same. Book reports have more descriptive nature, and reviews of books are thought out to be more persuasive, as a rule. Both of them offer a mix of an overview together with comments.

The majority of teachers possess their personal demands, and often, they can expect you to observe specific formatting rules without any doubts. Therefore, be sure to control it; nevertheless, the following tips have to be helpful in case you do not know how to make report.

Introduction section

Here you intend to provide basic details and information regarding this or that book, and an essence of exactly what your report’s content is about. It is necessary to insert:

  • Heading (pointed)/Writer
  • Information concerning Publication: editor, year of publication, and page numbers
  • Genre
  • Short (a couple of sentences) introductory paragraph to the given book.

Main body

Here, one can see two principal elements. The first one reveals the description of plotline. The second one tells about your personal points of view concerning the given book and its effectiveness. There are a few differences in case you deal with reports of non-fiction books or those books in the genre of fiction.

For fiction:

Offer short explanations concerning the setting, purpose that informs about the storyline, main character, and other supporting characters.

Provide a succinct plot overview. Combined with sequence of main events, it is useful to discuss the book’s climax and its resolution, or literary devices. Also, remember about your academic report format.

For non-fiction:

Supply a summary of arguments, topic of an author, and main points, etc. What is a thesis statement? Are you aware of significant conclusions?

Do not try to sum up all angles or chapters. Choose those, which are of great interest for you.

Stage of analysis and evaluation

Here, you should analyze the given or chosen book. Here, you can voice your personal points of view; just assure yourself that you back up them with evidence. Several points you can take into consideration:

  • Did an author reach set goals?
  • Can the whole writing be considered as stunning, beautiful, powerful, or effective?
  • What are the book’s strong and weak sides?
  • What is a general response to the chosen book? Can you describe it as moving, interesting, absurd?
  • Will you recommend this book to other people? Provide all possible reasons.

At this stage, the report is almost ready. Nevertheless, in future, you can think “how to order my credit report,” because reports of books are not only one existing kind of report writing tasks.


Briefly summarize by putting your thoughts altogether. For example, tell what impressions the chosen book left you with or highlight what you would like your readers to learn about it.

Additionally, you can buy reports online as the alternative variant. Not always, people are able to find enough time to complete this or that assignment properly, and there is nothing shameful here. Perhaps, just now it is a high time to start finding out more information about report writing services online. When your choice is made, pass to the second stage of inquiry – address to the chosen writing company. You may contact the support team and ask to inform you about all peculiarities of their services; do that to be sure concerning the quality of your future paper. Remember that a qualitative report may result in a good grade. So, good luck with your attempts!