What is reference transaction in SAP?

What is reference transaction in SAP?

Characteristic: 0FI_AWTYP. Accounting document that was posted via the interface in Accounting. The characteristic contains the unique reference that was transferred from the sending application via the interface in Accounting. It comprises an object key and an object category.

What is SAP Bkpff?

BKPF-GLVOR is RFBU showing the business transaction is an FI document. BKPF-AWTYP is BKPF or BKPFF showing reference transaction or sending application is an accounting posting. However the description of BKPF reference transaction is Accounting document and BKPFF is Actg doc.

What is Awtyp field in SAP?

AWTYP (Reference Transaction) is a field where posts automatically while posting the Accounting document number.

What is reference transaction RMRP in SAP?

RMRP is a SAP standard transparent table used for storing HR Data of Repetitive Manufacturing Backflush related data in SAP. It comes under the package MD04.

What is transaction type RFBU in SAP?

The SAP standard method of deriving business transaction types has been enhanced to provide more details for Financial Accounting transactions that have used business transaction type RFBU (FI Postings) in the past. In addition, you can define and derive your own business transaction types.

What is the posting key used for vendor invoice?

Summary –

Posting Key Description of Posting Key Account Type use for the posting key
28 Payment Clearing Vendor
29 Incoming debit posting Vendor
31 Vendors invoices Vendor
32 Reverse Credit Memo Vendor

How many posting keys are there in SAP?

Account Type General Ledger Posting Keys

Posting Key Description Account Type Debit/Credit
40 Debit entry G/L Debit
50 Credit entry G/L Credit
80 Stock initial entry G/L Debit
81 Costs G/L Debit

What is G L account type in SAP?

An SAP general ledger account is an account that is updated each time a user posts a financial transaction in SAP system. These accounts are used to come up with financial statements for internal and external reporting. In SAP, a general ledger account is identified with a number having from 1 to 10 digits.

What is account Type M in SAP?

Hi andrea, 1.Account types are A,D,K,M,&S which are for assets,customers,vendors,materials and GL respectively.Account types are assigned for document types and posting keys and also used at the time of open and close of posting periods.

What is chart of accounts SAP?

The chart of accounts in SAP is a group of GL Accounts that controls the name of General GL Master, number of GL Master and some control information. In other words, it is the grouping of G/L accounts that forms the framework for recording accounting transactions in a structured way.