What is raid?

What is raid?

Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2019 RAID, or “Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks” is a technique which makes use of a combination of multiple disks instead of using a single disk for increased performance, data redundancy or both.

What is the advantage of using RAID?

The management is simplified since you only need to address a single array and can allocate spares that can be used for any disk in the array instead of just one component array. The most appropriate RAID level for your server depends heavily on your intended use case and goals.

What are the primary values of raid?

The primary values that RAID provides are data redundancy and performance gains. Redundancy is meant to help increase the availability of your data.

What is RAID 6 and where is it used?

Can be used in file servers, web servers, very important backups. RAID 6 is same as RAID 5 with two parity distributed system. Mostly used in a large number of arrays. We need minimum 4 Drives, even if there 2 Drive fails we can rebuild the data while replacing new drives.