What is obscure shower glass?

What is obscure shower glass?

Obscure. Our Obscure glass features a semi-private glass with a slightly blurred effect. This is an ideal option for some privacy while also achieving an open and airy look.

Are pivot or hinged shower doors better?

Each door has two pivot points located at the top and bottom of the shower door that allow it to swing outwards. This type of door allows a slightly smaller opening than a hinged door but a more secure and sturdy fitting for the door itself.

Is it hard to install a glass shower door?

Installing a shower door is usually a very straightforward project. Learning how to install a shower door is simply a matter of the right tools and good technique. Most pivot doors are designed to be reversible and can be installed with the pivots on the right or left side of the enclosure.

Which side should a sliding shower door open?

DreamLine does recommend that the sliding panel be on the side of your shower head. This places the flow of water away from the overlap, minimizing the possibility of leaking between the doors.

What is fluted glass shower screen?

Fluted glass is also known as reeded glass, and within the trade it is called narrowline glass. A frameless glass shower screen is more hygienic because it’s easier to clean. Your frameless fluted shower screen needn’t have those messy frames and channels that hide grime and mould spores.

What hardware should I choose for my frameless fluted glass shower?

When specifying your frameless fluted glass shower, select from our wide range of hardware in chrome, matt black, brushed brass, brushed nickel, matt white or gunmetal grey. Feed your inspiration in our extensive image gallery and get in touch today.

What is a cast glass shower door?

For the ultimate in clear shower door designs, our cast glass is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Most textured glass has a pattern on either side leaving the interior glass untouched. Cast glass shower doors are three-dimensional. The glass embodies the unique designs throughout.

What makes our frameless shower screens so strong?

The heat toughened glass we use for our frameless shower screens is heat-treated at 600°C and rapidly cooled for added strength of up to five times that of regular glass. This process also ensures that in the rare event of breakage the glass breaks into crushed-ice like pieces rather than dangerous shards.