What is Nux vomica30?

What is Nux vomica30?

Information about SBL Nux Vomica Dilution 30 CH SBL Nux Vomica Dilution is used to cure a number of issues such as uncontrollable anger, irritability, constipation, nausea, vomiting, colic joint pains and other related issues. Nux Vomica is extremely helpful in correcting depressed thoughts and it elevates mood.

How do you use a Nux moschata?

Nux moschata 200CK Turn tube upside down. Twist until 5 pellets are dispensed into cap. Carefully remove the cap and use it to pour pellets under the tongue. *CLAIMS BASED ON TRADITIONAL HOMEOPATHIC PRACTICE NOT ACCEPTED MEDICAL EVIDENCE.

How long does it take homeopathic remedies to work?

Generally within 7-10 days after taking a remedy the action of it will become evident and gradually more so over time and with continued treatment. Within this time frame you may experience an aggravation or return of old symptoms.

What is Nux moschata 4C Hpus?

Nux moschata 4C HPUS (0.6 mg) Relieves restless sleep. Passiflora incarnata 3X HPUS (0.6 mg) Relieves sleeplessness associated with worries and exhaustion.

What is Alumina 30c used for?

Information about SBL Alumina Dilution 30 CH Useful in the treatment of constipation and its associated ailments.