What is monoenergetic neutron?

What is monoenergetic neutron?

A neutron source can be considered to be monoenergetic if the energy spectrum consists of a single peak which has an energy spread which is much less than the energy of the peak. The ideal source has a small energy spread and a negligible neutron intensity at lower and higher energies.

What is a white neutron source?

New generation white neutron sources, which are often associated with spallation neutron sources, can provide high neutron flux, very wide energy range and excellent energy resolution. Therefore, it opens new possibilities for high-precision cross section measurements.

What is monoenergetic?

Adjective. monoenergetic (not comparable) (physics) Describing radiation consisting of particles (or waves) having a narrow range of energies.

What is the neutron source made of?

The neutron source is usually a mixture of elements (of which of beryllium and radium have been commonly used) and the method is a means for determining the relative porosity or rock formations.

What is photon attenuation?

Principles of photon attenuation Attenuation is the progressive loss of energy by a beam as it traverses matter. A photon beam may be attenuated by any of the processes described in the previous section. There are some more useful concepts when considering the attenuation of photon beams.

How neutron is detected?

Elastic scattering reactions (also referred to as proton-recoil) – High energy neutrons are typically detected indirectly through elastic scattering reactions. Neutrons collide with the nuclei of atoms in the detector, transferring energy to those nuclei and creating ions, which are detected.

How neutron is produced?

Neutrons are produced copiously in nuclear fission and fusion. They are a primary contributor to the nucleosynthesis of chemical elements within stars through fission, fusion, and neutron capture processes. The neutron is essential to the production of nuclear power.

What is monoenergetic particle?

Medical Definition of monoenergetic 1 : having equal energy —used of particles or radiation quanta. 2 : composed of monoenergetic particles or radiation quanta.