What is LCV?

What is LCV?

LCV builds political power for people and the planet. We influence policy, hold politicians accountable, and win elections. This is how we fight to build a world with clean air, clean water, public lands, and a safe climate that are protected by a just and equitable democracy.

What does lcvef do?

The League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (LCVEF) works with our state LCVEF partners, educates the public, media and elected officials about key environmental issues, works to increase voter participation in the democratic process and mobilizes a diverse network of activists to advocate for sound environmental policies.

How safe are LCVs?

LCVs have been on the road in Western Canada, Quebec, and numerous American states for decades. They have an excellent safety record, with fewer collisions reported than single-trailer trucks.

How big is an LCV in Ontario?

A typical LCV is up to 40 metres long, consisting of a tractor pulling two full-length semitrailers. A standard LCV replaces two 23-metre tractor-trailers. MTO gradually introduced LCVs onto Ontario roadways by issuing a limited number of permits to a limited number of carriers.