What is LCSs?

What is LCSs?

LCSS is is a full battlefield command system similar to the USA’s FBCB2, which is best known for its “ Blue Force Tracker ” component that displays the locations of friendly and identified enemy forces.

Who won the General Dynamics LCSs contract?

General Dynamics Canada won the engineering and integration contract, with an estimated value of C$ 341 million (GST/VAT included). They have done significant work for LCSS components, including the IRIS digital communications system and the Athene navigation and positioning system.

Why work at General Dynamics mission systems–Canada?

As part of our team, you’ll thrive in a collaborative work environment that is built to enable all employees to succeed. General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada has teams of highly talented, creative and committed employees across Canada and in centres of excellence in Ottawa, Calgary and Halifax.

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