What is Laufen Miami?

What is Laufen Miami?

Located in the heart of lush sanctuary Miami Ironside, LAUFEN opens its doors end of November 2021 and invites visitors to explore and engage with an interactive guided meditation concept raising mindfulness of rituals, health and multisensorial zoned out “zen” moments within the bathroom. A place for divas. And deep dives.

What makes Laufen products unique?

What makes LAUFEN products unique at first glance is that their Swiss design unites two major design trends: emotional Italian design from the south and the northern tradition of design precision and clarity.

Is there any news on Laufen?

Your browser does not support the video tag. There is always plenty of news in the Laufen world, whether it is covering new products launches, references or current topics in the world of design and architecture. Browse around all the latest stories.

What is a Laufen space?

Just in time for Art Basel Miami 2021, LAUFEN opened its doors to the latest edition to the concept of a LAUFEN Space. “Expanding Horizons” was a guided meditative event featuring one essential mediation that rises awareness of daily rituals within our personal sanctuary space – the bathroom.

Why choose Laufen pro?

LAUFEN pro is a comprehensive bathroom range, which offers the ideal solution for every spatial situation and requirement and also reflects the building values of the current generation. Industrial design is the modern answer to the once revolutionary idea that everyone has a right to enjoy beautiful forms.

What is Laufen doing about sustainability?

LAUFEN’s commitment to sustainability is embedded in its vision to be the best premium bathroom brand, and to grow sustainably and responsibly. Thus, going forward, LAUFEN pledges to adopt a holistic approach to the lifecycle of its products, devising strategies to improve on all stages.