What is Kedb used for?

What is Kedb used for?

The KEDB allows the help desk to track how often and how widespread the incident occurs. The more users who report it, the more common it may be. This is another way of prioritizing how quickly a long-term solution must be found. Offers consistent and repeatable workarounds.

Does Kedb provide permanent fix?

Known errors exist because the fix is temporary. The known error database consists of records where a permanent solution does not exist, but a workaround does.

How do you define a known error database Kedb?

The Known Error Database is a repository of information that describes all of the conditions in your IT systems that might result in an incident for your customers and users. As users report issues support engineers would follow the normal steps in the Incident Management process.

Is Kedb part of knowledge management?

It is common in the IT world to confuse the KEDB with the Knowledge Management database (KMDB). This is a common question. There are a lot of similarities between Known Errors and Knowledge articles, like the implementation of the KEDB might store its data in the Knowledgebase, however, they are separate entities.

What is Kedb in problem management?

The Known Error Database (KEDB) is created by Problem Management and used by Incident and Problem Management to manage all Known Error Records.

What is Kedb ServiceNow?

A KEDB is a database that contains all known issues affecting your customers and IT environment. It describes the conditions in which these issues occur, how the issue manifests itself, and how to resolve the issue in the short term via a workaround.

Who owns Kedb?

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What is known error in ITIL?

ITIL® defines a problem as a cause, or potential cause, of one or more incidents. A known error is a problem that has been analyzed but not resolved.

What is a Kedb document?

What is known error in ServiceNow?

The known error database on HI is a repository of known errors found in the ServiceNow product. Known error articles describe possible causes of issues within the system, along with steps to reproduce the issue and available workarounds. Not all known errors will affect all users.

What is a workaround in ITIL?

ITIL defines a workaround as a temporary fix. Workarounds temporarily restore service. ITIL doesn’t specify how long “temporary” is, just that a workaround does not correct the root cause of a problem. “Temporary” could be any time frame from one second to fifteen years and beyond.