What is Huc data?

What is Huc data?

Hydrologic unit codes (HUC) are developed using a progressive two-digit system where each successively smaller areal unit is identified by adding two digits to the identifying code the smaller unit is nested within. WBD contains eight levels of progressive hydrologic units identified by unique 2- to 16-digit codes.

What are Huc boundaries?

A hydrologic unit is a drainage area delineated to nest in a multi-level, hierarchical drainage system. Its boundaries are defined by hydrographic and topographic criteria that delineate an area of land upstream from a specific point on a river, stream or similar surface waters.

How big is a Huc 12 watershed?

10 to 40 K Acres
HUC – 12 SUBWATERSHED Typically from 10 to 40 K Acres (15 to 62 mi²) Work continues per new Interagency Guidelines presented to Federal Geographic Date Committee on December 2000. (Was formerly called HUC- 14). Called 6th Level or Watershed 6th Level. HUC is the acronym for Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC).

What does huc12 stand for?

Huc12 — Watershed Boundary Dataset for 12-Digit Hydrologic Units This spatial layer shows the hydrologic unit boundaries for the 12-digit sub-watersheds at a scale of 1:24,000 in the upper Washita River basin in southwestern Oklahoma.

What is a hydrologic unit code (HUC)?

The HUs are given a Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) that ranges from 2 digits to 12 digits. These codes describe where the unit is in the country and the level of the unit.

How are 12-digit HUCs in the Washita River basin selected?

The 12-digit HUCs in the upper Washita River basin were selected and a shapefile was created. The data set was reprojected to Albers Conical Equal Area projection. The data set was then imported into the geodatabase and metadata written.

How many digits are there in a Huc?

The number of digits in a HUC is related to 6 levels of detail for the WBD: the lower level polygons cover larger areas than higher level ones. The higher the level, the more digits to the HUC, since previous levels are nested in it.