What is HIV case management?

What is HIV case management?

Case management is a multi-step process to ensure timely access to and coordination of medical and psychosocial services for a person living with HIV/AIDS and, in some models, his or her family/close support system.

What is HIV certification?

The HIV PCP is a CME/CE multi-module educational certification program that will prepare providers to utilize the most individualized and up-to-date methods to prevent HIV infection. Upon completion of the self-paced program, providers will earn a HIV PCP certificate.

Can you have more than one case manager?

Yes! This is quite common. You may have case managers from more than one agency addressing your different needs. People can receive supportive case management services from more than one provider.

What are the five principles of case management?

Case management is guided by the principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice. Case managers come from different backgrounds within health and human services professions including nursing, medicine, social work, rehabilitation counseling, workers’ compensation, and mental and behavioral health.

What does Aahivp stand for?

The HIV Specialist™ (“AAHIVS”), HIV Expert™ (“AAHIVE”), and HIV Pharmacist™ (“AAHIVP”) are the only credentials designated specifically for HIV care providers in the United States.

What are the three phases of case management?

The phases of the process are:

  • Screening.
  • Assessing.
  • Stratifying Risk.
  • Planning.
  • Implementing (Care Coordination)
  • Following-Up.
  • Transitioning (Transitional Care)
  • Communicating Post Transition.

What is case management process?

The Case Management Process consists of nine phases through which case managers provide care to their clients: Screening, Assessing, Stratifying Risk, Planning, Implementing (Care Coordination), Following-Up, Transitioning (Transitional Care), Communicating Post Transition, and Evaluating.

What does a case manager do if you have HIV?

Are you a man who has had sex with another man?

  • Have you had sex — anal or vaginal — with a partner who has HIV?
  • Have you had more than one sex partner since your last HIV test?
  • Have you injected drugs and shared needles,syringes or works (e.g.,water,cotton) with others?
  • Have you exchanged sex for drugs or money?
  • What is basic case management?

    High degree of empathy: Empathy is of utmost importance for anyone working as a case manager.

  • Organizational skills: Being organized and appropriately maintaining information is a trait that is common to all health care roles.
  • Advocacy skills: Advocacy is one of the key responsibilities of a case manager.
  • What is case management training?

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    How many cases of HIV in the USA?

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