What is Hesoyam in GTA?

What is Hesoyam in GTA?

well here is the definition of hesoyam: 1) To restore something back into its original form instantly; 2) A cheat in Grand Theft Auto that does the same job. Pronounced as he-so-yam.

What is the cheat code Hesoyam?

Player cheats

Cheat Phrase Code
Get full health and armour, and $250,000 INEEDSOMEHELP HESOYAM
Obtain weapon set #1 THUGSARMOURY LXGIWYL
Obtain weapon set #3 NUTTERSTOYS UZUMYMW

What is the cheat code for boat in GTA San Andreas?

GTA: San Andreas Traffic and Pedestrian Cheats

Cheat Code Effect
FLYINGFISH Flying boats
AFSNMSMW Flying boats
BUBBLECARS Cars float away on collision
BSXSGGC Cars float away on collision

Is Ryder in GTA based on Eazy E?

Ryder Wilson, commonly referred to as Ryder by GTA fans, appeared in GTA San Andreas as a high-ranking member of the Grove Street Families. The character was voiced by MC Eiht, who was a rapper and a vocalist of the rap group CMW. Ryder’s look is based on Eazy-E, a deceased rapper and vocalist of the rap group N.W.A.

Why is it called Hesoyam?

A submission from Virginia, U.S. says the name Hesoyam means “health armor and money” and is of Slang origin. According to a user from India, the name Hesoyam means “Healthy and wealthy”.

How do you do GTA Cheats?

How to use GTA 5 cheat codes

  1. On Xbox, PC or PlayStation, you can simply input the code on your controller at any time while you’re wandering around the game world.
  2. On PC, you also have the option of pressing one keyboard button (¬ in the UK or ~ in the USA) and then typing in the cheat code on your keyboard.

How do you spawn Jetmax in GTA San Andreas?

The top speed of the Jetmax is 118.06 mph (190.00 km/h)….Jetmax Spawn Locations in GTA San Andreas Here is where to find the Jetmax in GTA San Andreas:

  1. Bayside Marina, by the Boat School after all gold medals have been achieved.
  2. Rockshore East and West, Las Venturas.
  3. Sobell Rail Yards, Las Venturas.
  4. Palisades, San Fierro.