What is happening to the Seattle waterfront?

What is happening to the Seattle waterfront?

Removal of Pier 58 to be completed in early 2021. Construction of a new pedestrian bridge, stairs and an elevator on Union Street from Western Avenue to Alaskan Way is anticipated to begin early 2021. New traffic and transit lanes will open on Alaskan Way between S. King and Union streets in fall 2021.

Is construction booming in Seattle?

Statewide, Washington saw construction employment rise 2%, adding 222,000 jobs to the state economy. Seattle, Bellevue, and Everett combined for a 5% growth in construction jobs. Seattle alone added 5,300 new construction jobs and the Tacoma-Lakewood area came in a close second with a 4% increase.

What will Seattle’s new waterfront look like?

Waterfront Seattle will rebuild Alaskan Way from S King to Pike streets, and build a new street, known as Elliott Way, from Pike to Bell streets. The new surface street will span a total of 17 blocks from Pioneer Square to Belltown, with two lanes of traffic in either direction for the majority of the street.

Can you walk along Alaskan Way in Seattle?

ABOUT THE PROJECT The Overlook Walk will create an elevated public park and connection between the waterfront to Seattle’s urban core. People can walk on the elevated pathway from Pike Place Market to the waterfront without ever crossing the new Alaskan Way.

Is construction slowing down in Seattle?

Unlike during the Great Recession, which slowed Seattle-area construction for years, the industry has rebounded much faster this time. Local construction employment, which plunged during the four-week shutdown in March 2020, has already surpassed its pre-COVID-19 levels.

How many cranes are in Seattle?

Seattle is tied with Los Angeles for second, each having 43 cranes. However, when looking at North America as a whole, DC’s crane count is meager compared with that of Toronto, which leads the continent with 208 cranes.

Did the Seattle pier Collapse?

Shortly after that, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan approved an “emergency dismantling” of the 50-year-old pier. When crews began removing Pier 58 in September 2020, it collapsed, sending construction workers into the water below. The workers were rescued and no one was seriously hurt.

What is happening with Seattle’s new waterfront?

Construction of Seattle’s new waterfront is underway and will continue through 2024. Click on the map below to find more information about construction happening now. This aerial photo captures the work between Pine and Bell streets to construct the support structure for the elevated roadway.

What is the waterfront Seattle program?

Waterfront Seattle is a multi-year program to rebuild Seattle’s waterfront following the removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. The Program spans the waterfront from Pioneer Square to Belltown and includes a rebuilt Elliott Bay Seawall, a new surface street providing access to and from downtown, and new parks, paths, and access to Elliott Bay.

When will the downtown waterfront project be complete?

Overlook Walk and Pier 58 are anticipated to be complete in 2024. All Waterfront Seattle construction is anticipated to be complete in 2024. Seattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion may be complete in late 2024. Stay up to date about construction of current and future public projects in the downtown waterfront area.

What is happening to Colman Dock in Seattle?

Washington State Ferries is replacing the aging and seismically vulnerable parts of Colman Dock in Seattle to maintain its critical role as a regional transportation hub. Project construction began in 2017 and will continue through early 2023. The terminal will remain open throughout construction.