What is Frigor?

What is Frigor?

Combination of a fine creamy filling of freshly roasted hazelnuts and almonds. 100g. Description: Subtle mixture of freshly roasted creamy nuts, almonds and chocolate milk, will captivate your taste.

Can you get Cailler chocolate in the US?

The company will now sell Cailler chocolate, a nearly 200-year-old Swiss brand, in the United States, Britain and Germany with the help of Amazon starting Thursday.

Is Laderach chocolate good?

Läderach is one of the best selling chocolates in Switzerland. They also offer amazing selections to take away as gifts and souvenirs. The only downside is Läderach is relatively expensive but you won’t regret its heavenly taste.

Which Toblerone is best?

The normal milk and dry fruits chocolate in Toblerone is having best taste I ever had. It is really different from normal chocolates like dairy milk and other chocolates. no doubt Flavors are awesome.

What is Cailler Frigor milk chocolate?

Cailler Frigor Milk Chocolate is a classic chocolate bar from the oldest Swiss chocolate manufacturer. Not only do they create the finest chocolate creations, but they also use the best quality ingredients.

Is Cailler a good brand?

Dedicated to quality since 1819, the Cailler brand is one of Switzerland’s oldest, best-known and best-loved chocolate brands. For generations, Cailler has created irresistible chocolate products that have contributed to the positive, world-renowned reputation of Swiss chocolate.

What is Frigor Swiss chocolate?

The Frigor chocolate is truly a fantastic Swiss product that can be sensational for every chocolate lovers’ taste buds. Cailler Frigor swiss chocolate is unique, delicious, and extraordinary.

Why choose Cailler chocolates made in Broc?

For all our Cailler products made in Broc, we exclusively use Swiss sugar as well as fresh alpine milk, and our products are 100% palm-oil-free certified. Whether you choose classic Cailler flavours or new creations, our unique chocolates will delight you without any doubt.