What is Form I 867A?

What is Form I 867A?

The Form I-867A & B, Record of Sworn Statement in Proceedings under Section 235(b)(1) of the Act, serves as official documentation of the questions and answers during the process. It is critical that you read (or have read to you) the sworn statement and that you fully understand the contents before you sign it.

What is an I 871?

You are in this type of proceeding if you have been given a document called a Form I-871“Notice of Intent to Reinstate Prior Order.” In Reinstatement of Removal, DHS has the power to remove you from the country based on your previous order of deportation or removal.

What is Form I 870?

Form I-870 also documents the interpreter ID number of the interpreter used during the credible fear interview and collects information about a relative or sponsor in the United States, including their relationship to the applicant and contact information.

What is Form I-275?

Procedure. Once CBP makes the decision to permit withdrawal, an officer must prepare a Form I-275, Withdrawal of Application for Admission/Consular Notification. The form must clearly state the reasons for inadmissibility. A sworn statement of the applicant should also be taken and attached to Form I-275.

What is I-275 withdrawal application?

For people who are not Lawful Permanent Residents For people who are not United States Lawful Permanent Residents, withdrawal of application for admission is officially noted on Form I-275, Withdrawal of Application for Admission/Consular Notification. The Form I-275 has two pages.

What is the 5 year bar immigration?

Further, federal law requires that many qualified non-citizens meet a five-year waiting period (also called the “five-year bar”) before becoming eligible for Medicaid or CHIP. This five-year waiting period begins when consumers receive their qualifying immigration status, not when they first enter the United States.

What is Form I 863?

The Form I-863 is a Notice of Referral to Immigration Judge that is used in credible fear, reasonable fear, claimed status review, asylum-only and withholding only proceedings.

What is reinstatement of removal order?

An alien who illegally reenters the United States after having been removed, or having departed voluntarily, while under an order of exclusion, deportation, or removal shall be removed from the United States by reinstating the prior order.

Who is subject to reinstatement of removal?

The current reinstatement of removal process, created by the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, is codified in INA § 241(a)(5), and applies to those aliens who unlawfully reenter the country after being removed from (or having departed voluntarily from) the United States under an order …