What is flexor tendon avulsion?

What is flexor tendon avulsion?

Avulsion-type injury involving. the flexor digitorum profundus (FDP) tendon (ie, jersey finger injury) is relatively common and is seen in athletes and nonathletes. The mech- anism of injury includes forced hy- perextension of the distal interpha- langeal (DIP) joint while the finger is actively flexing.

Can a flexor tendon heal without surgery?

Tendon Healing Because the cut ends of a tendon usually separate after an injury, a cut tendon can not heal without surgery. Your doctor will advise you on how soon surgery is needed after a flexor tendon is cut. There are many ways to repair a cut tendon, and certain types of cuts need a specific type of repair.

How long can you wait to repair a flexor tendon?

Delayed tendon repair can be performed within 3 weeks to one month after injury, but the repair is preferably done in initial several days of delay. Direct sheath closure is not advocated in tendon repair in the delayed period.

What happens if a torn flexor tendon is not repaired?

If your flexor tendons are damaged, you’ll be unable to bend 1 or more fingers. Tendon damage can also cause pain and swelling (inflammation) in your hand. Sometimes, damage to the extensor tendons can be treated without the need for surgery, using a rigid support called a splint that’s worn around the hand.

How do I know if my flexor tendon is torn?

The most common signs of a flexor tendon injury include:

  1. An open injury, such as a cut, on the palm side of your hand, wrist, or forearm.
  2. An inability to bend one or more joints of your finger.
  3. Pain when you attempt to bend your finger.
  4. Tenderness along your finger on the palm side of your hand.
  5. Numbness in your fingertip.

How long does it take for a flexor tendon to heal?

A flexor tendon takes approximately 3 to 4 months to heal before your hand is strong enough to use without restrictions. usually you will be required to wear a protective splint for approximately 6 o 8 weeks after surgery, removing it only to do exercise prescribed by your doctor and therapist.

Where are flexor tendons located?

Flexor tendons are cord-like structures running from the forearm across the wrist and palm and into the fingers, allowing you to bend your fingers and thumb to grasp an object or make a fist.

What is the Vincula of the flexor tendon sheath?

The vincula to the flexor tendons of the hand Four groups of vincula were identified within the flexor tendon sheath of 116 cadaver specimens. Each group originated from an individual arterial digital arcade. The V1 and V2 vincula were the primary carriers of blood supply to the superficialis tendon.

What is the vincular system of the finger?

The vincular systems of index and little fingers were symmetrical. Occasionally, neither the VLP nor the VLS was found in either the long or the ring fingers. The vincula received blood supply from four transverse branches of the digital arteries.

What are the 4 positions of the Vincula?

The terms “brevia” and “longa” are only useful to describe the shape of the vincula in these four positions. The. vincula. to. the. flexor. tendons. of. the. hand. Four. groups. ofvincula. were. identified. within. the. flexor. tendon. sheath. of. 116. cadaver. specimens..

What is the function of the V1 and V2 Vincula?

The V1 and V2 vincula were the primary carriers of blood supply to the superficialis tendon. The V3 and V4 vincula were the main supply to the profundus tendon.