What is fit20?

What is fit20?

fit20 is an innovative training studio that removes the distractions and intimidation of a typical gym and blends personal training, one-time weekly exercise and recovery to improve your strength and overall well-being. fit20 is highly focused on your overall health, not just one aspect of it.

What happens during my first fit20 session?

During your first session you’ll meet our trainer, go through the science behind fit20, and start training. Each week you’ll work with your trainer through six familiar exercises for just 20 minutes. There’s no need to change into gym clothes or shower once you wrap up.

How often do you train at fit20?

At fit20 you train once per week for 20 minutes with a personal trainer. Our training method is based on the latest scientific findings about effective and efficient training to improve fitness and health. You plan your weekly session ahead of time to stay on track.