What is Eloqua tool?

What is Eloqua tool?

Oracle Eloqua is a software as a service (SaaS) platform for marketing automation offered by Oracle that aims to help B2B marketers and organizations manage marketing campaigns and sales lead generation.

What is Eloqua email?

Eloqua features a marketing campaign planning canvas and email automation to target customers and prospective clients. The software tracks opened emails, customer activity and visitor behavior potential clients through the marketer’s website.

Is Eloqua a database?

The Oracle Eloqua Advanced Data Security Cloud Service is an optional database encryption offering which can solve a compliance need for customers who have a requirement or internal policy that their data be encrypted at rest.

How do you make an Eloqua form?

To create a form:

  1. Navigate to Assets.
  2. Click Create a Form to open the Template Chooser window.
  3. Select the Blank Form and click Choose.
  4. Click to configure your form settings:
  5. Build your form by adding contact fields, form elements, and field groups to the canvas.
  6. Configure form styling.
  7. Configuring the form processing.

How do I find my eloqua form ID?

Click any form from your list of forms. Under the Settings >> menu, click View Form HTML. Click Integration Details. Your Eloqua Site ID will be found where the above red X’s are.

What is cloud content in Eloqua?

Cloud Content: Cloud content is content that is provided by an external service. (Cloud content can be added to the browser from Apps in the Setting area of Oracle Eloqua.) Click the icon to open the Cloud Content browser, then drag-and-drop the service that you want to add from the browser onto the email canvas.

What is Oracle Eloqua email encryption?

Oracle Eloqua implements best-effort TLS for all customers so that email traffic is encrypted whenever the remote server supports encryption. Title Oracle Eloqua Emails User Guide

What does Oracle Oracle Eloqua do?

Oracle Eloqua converts any spaces or hyphens in the name to underscores (_). Adding field merges to the subject line You can add field merges to the subject line of the email. To add field merges to the subject line:

What is the Oracle Eloqua email design editor?

The Oracle Eloqua email Design Editor uses content components and layouts to help you build your email. Content components Content components are types of elements that you can include in your email. Content types include text, buttons, images, and more. You can add content to sections of a layout.