What is Demetri gift in Twilight?

What is Demetri gift in Twilight?

Demetri’s gift is tracking; he catches the “tenor” or “flavor” of a person’s thoughts or from anyone he met in the past, and uses it to follow his targets until he finds them.

Who is the female Volturi?

Jane is a high-ranking member of the Volturi guard in the Twilight Saga. She is the older twin sister of Alec, and together they are the Volturi’s most powerful offensive weapons.

What happened to the Volturi in Twilight?

The Volturi were then taken down as each member were executed minus the wives, Marcus, who found out the truth of Aro murdering his wife, and Demetri who was reunited with his daughter. After the downfall of Aro, Marcus sends a letter to the Cullens explaining what happened and offering them to join their coven.

What coven was Demetri part of before the Volturi?

Volturi Egyptian coven

Biographical information
Special abilities Sensory Location
Loyalty Volturi Egyptian coven (formerly)

What is Alecs power in Twilight?

Alec possesses the gift of sensory deprivation. He can completely cut off all senses of multiple targets. While Jane is useful in making an audience fear the Volturi, Alec is their most offensive weapon in battle. He is portrayed by Cameron Bright in the movie adaptations.

Who do the Volturi eat?

Breaking Dawn The Volturi arrive in Forks. When the Volturi come to Forks for the immortal child crisis after mistaking Renesmee Cullen for being one, Alice and Edward mention that the entire coven is on its way, doubtlessly meaning that Heidi is among them as well.

Does ARO want Bella?

Aro desperately wants Edward, Alice, and Bella to join the Volturi, but in the end, he is genuinely saddened to lose Carlisle’s friendship and hopes to regain it, and he’s relieved that is all he lost; Aro is fully aware that the outcome could have been a great deal worse. Aro witnesses his own death in Alice’s vision.

Who is Demetri in Volturi?

Demetri is a member of the Volturi guard with the ability to track people through the tenors of their minds. Since no one has been able to conceal themselves from his sensing, he is a huge threat to those who wish to avoid the Volturi’s attacks.

Is Demetri the best tracker in Twilight?

As a tracker, he is significantly more talented than both James and Alistair, and known as the best tracker in the world. Demetri makes his first appearance in New Moon, coming to bring Edward (and kill him if he had exposed himself to humans) Bella, and Alice to the Volturi leaders with Felix and Jane.

How did Demetri get his powers?

Demetri was born in Greece and transformed by the Egyptian Coven’s leader, Amun. They were very close at the time, and worked together to develop his power. When the Volturi heard of Demetri and his powerful gift, he was offered a place in the guard, and he obliged due to Megan’s power over emotional bonds.

Who is Demetri and why is he dangerous?