What is Cumulus MX?

What is Cumulus MX?

Cumulus MX. a cross platform version of Cumulus (M Crossley update) that runs on Microsoft Windows, all varieties of UNIX and Linux (including the Raspberry Pi Operating System), and Mac OS X. NOTE: On Linux/RPi/macOS, Mono version 5, or 6, is needed for CreateMissing.

How do I update my Cumulus MX?

Updating if you use the start/stop management script

  1. look on Software download page, find the link to latest version, and fill out the ‘…’
  2. Once that download is complete, start cumulusmx.sh with option -u /home/pi/CumulusMX/cumulusmx.sh -u.
  3. When asked for the zip file, enter /tmp/CumulusMXDist.

How do I install Cumulusmx?

  1. Navigate to the folder with your MX installation.
  2. Install MX service (as an administrative user) using CumulusMX.exe – install.
  3. MX is now set up as a service.
  4. There are other optional parameters (e.g. -port, -debug, -locale) you can add by editing registry.

How do I install Cumulus MX on Raspberry Pi?


  1. Based on the ‘Lite’ version of the Raspberry Pi OS (ie the graphical desktop GUI is not included; it can be added later if you want it)
  2. Full install of Mono.
  3. Update of all packages.
  4. Install of Cumulus MX.
  5. Set Cumulus MX to auto-start.
  6. Enable SSH service.
  7. Disable IPv6.
  8. Set hostname to “cumulusmx”

Where are cumulonimbus clouds found?

the troposphere
Cumulonimbus clouds form in the lower part of the troposphere, the layer of the atmosphere closest to the surface of the Earth.

Do cumulus clouds bring rain?

If you look at a sky filled with cumulus, you may notice they have flat bases, which all lie at the same level. At this height, air from ground level has cooled to the dew point. Cumulus clouds do not generally rain – you’re in for fine weather.

Where is Weewx data?

WeeWX does not store the raw data that comes off a weather station. Instead, it aggregates the data over a length of time, the archive interval, and then stores that. All configuration information used by WeeWX is stored in the configuration file, usually with the name weewx. conf.

Does sandaysoft’s Cumulus work with Davis?

We’d even argue Cumulus does graphs better. Sandaysoft says the software should work with Davis stations with the dongle, in addition to some Oregon Scientific, Fine Offset, and La Crosse models. Check their site to confirm your station is compatible.

What is Cumulus Networks founding product?

Cumulus Networks founding product is a Debian distribution of Linux designed specifically to be deployed on Open Networking Switches. Deploying an open architecture OS on your networking hardware enables you to integrate and automate your operational tasks into which ever configuration management methodology your organization subscribes to.

Is Cumulus weather station software stable?

It is a stable release, and only one bug has been identified. The single known bug is that the original Cumulus software uses the wrong memory location for pressure for Fine Offset models. These weather stations are also considered legacy ones.

What is Cumulus Linux network switching software?

Their networking switching software, Cumulus Linux, helps you to affordably build and efficiently operate your network like the world’s largest data centre operators — unlocking vertical network stacks. Cumulus Networks is bringing web-scale networking to enterprise cloud with a network operating system that is built for automation and scalability