What is Chillingham castle famous for?

What is Chillingham castle famous for?

Chillingham Castle is a 13th century, Grade 1 Star-listed stronghold in Northumberland, famed for action and battles. With its fine rooms, gardens, lakes, fountains and tea rooms, the castle has an extraordinary ownership bloodline which runs back to the 1200s.

Does anyone live in Chillingham Castle?

This ancient and remarkable fortress is the family home of Sir Humphry Wakefield Bt. and The Hon. Lady Wakefield. Since 1246, the castle has been owned by one continuous bloodline relating back to the Earls Grey.

What was filmed at Chillingham Castle?

Chillingham Castle has tremendous potential as a location for film and television. The famous film “Elizabeth” staged many historic scenes here. “The Making of Harry Potter” was based at Chillingham.

What is the history of Chillingham Castle?

The castle was originally a monastery in the late 12th century. In 1298, King Edward I stayed at the castle on his way to Scotland to battle a Scottish army led by William Wallace. A glazed window in a frame was specially installed for the king, a rarity in such buildings at the time.

Is Chillingham Castle National Trust?

Embrace this, spend some time reading the excellent guide and learn a little of the family and the saving of Chillingham. This isn’t a themed National Trust property or a Disney theme park and it’s all the more refreshing for it.

What is Bamburgh castle famous for?

Bamburgh Castle is one of the most important Anglo-Saxon archaeological sites in the world. The museum houses a collection of extraordinary finds including the intricate, gold Bamburgh Beast and a rare pattern welded sword, reinforcing Bamburgh’s importance as an Anglo-Saxon citadel.

Who destroyed dunstanburgh?

Scottish army
In 1384 a Scottish army attacked the castle but they lacked siege equipment and were unable to take the defences.

Who built Chillingham Castle?

After Sir Thomas de Heaton gained a licence to crenellate in 1344, Chillingham became a fully fortified castle complete with dungeons and torture chambers. His castle adopted a quadrangular design with massive towers at the four corners, a style rarely found in Northumberland.

Can you visit Chillingham Castle?

Visitor Information Just 20 minutes from the seaside, Chillingham Castle is open to the public from Easter to the end of October. Gardens, Lakes and Parklands, Castle State Rooms, Dungeon and the Torture Chamber are also open.

Can dogs stay at Chillingham Castle?

Dogs are not allowed in the castle or grounds with the exception of Guide and Assistance Dogs.

Was Bamburgh Castle used in frontier?

Bamburgh Castle appearing on the trailer for the third series of the Netflix drama Frontier. And if the trailer is anything to go by, both Bamburgh and Chillingham castles feature heavily.