What is Cao Fei known for?

What is Cao Fei known for?

Known for her films and multimedia installations, Cao Fei is one of China’s most well-known contemporary artists. Working across photography, video, and digital media, Cao explores permeating alienation in a changing China characterised by rapid development and urban growth.

Where does Cao Fei live and work today?

Having emerged as one of the most influential Chinese artists of her generation, she has exhibited all over the world, notably including at MoMA PS1 in Queens, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Tate Modern in London, and the 56th Venice Biennale. She lives and works in Beijing, China.

Where does Cao Fei live?

Cao Fei lives and works in Beijing.

Why did Cao Fei use Second Life to build RMB City?

In another key body of work, RMB City, Fei created a virtual city through the platform Second Life—an online space that mimics ‘the real world’—as a vehicle to express ideas that relate to modernization, capitalism, and consumer culture.

What type of art does hacktivist art entail?

Hacktivism: The Art of Practicing Life and Computer Hacking for Feminist Activism. Life is hacking. And hacking is the art of constantly learning about the artifacts that surround us throughout our lives. For instance, a child practices hacking all day long by touching, exploring, tasting, smelling, breaking things.

What term refers to the method of making art in the street?

The term refers to “graffiti” and some other artistic expression forms in the street. includes any art developed in public places (generally in the street), and mainly done in an illegal way. The term refers to “graffiti” and some other artistic expression forms in the street.

What is a chief concern for conceptual artists?

This problem the Conceptual ists have taken as their chief concern. They have focused on the artist’s idea (intention) as the key element in the creation of works of art, and they have questioned the traditional assumption that, in visual art, art objects are necessary to convey artistic meaning (Kosuth, 1969).

What is the difference between graffiti and street art is there a difference?

Graffiti isn’t about pleasing or connecting with the masses—alongside its function as an internal language, it is largely a means of self-expression. In contrast, street art is created with a specific public audience in mind, especially when it’s commissioned by businesses, local organizations, or city officials.

How did postmodernism affect art?

Postmodernism introduced elements of commercialism, kitsch and a general camp aesthetic within its artistic context; postmodernism takes styles from past periods, such as Gothicism, the Renaissance and the Baroque, and mixes them so as to ignore their original use in their corresponding artistic movement.