What is April Greiman best known for?

What is April Greiman best known for?

April Greiman is an internationally acclaimed American graphic designer and artist. She is recognized as one the first designers to utilize computer technology as a tool for design in the 1980’s, and to pioneer the American “New Wave” design style.

What did April Greiman design?

April Greiman
Born March 22, 1948
Nationality American
Occupation Designer
Known for One of the first designers to embrace computer technology as a design tool

Does it make sense April Greiman?

In response to the piece’s titular question, Greiman has been known to paraphrase Wittgenstein: “It makes sense if you give it sense.” The Modernists were shook.

When did April Greiman start designing?

April Greiman began studying graphic design during her university days at the Kansas City Art Institute during 1966 and 1970.

What is New Wave graphic design?

In design, New Wave or Swiss Punk Typography refers to an approach to typography that defies strict grid-based arrangement conventions. Characteristics include inconsistent letterspacing, varying typeweights within single words and type set at non-right angles.

When did April Greiman start made in space?

In 1976, Greiman moved to Los Angeles where she established the multi-disciplinary approach where she “…blends technology, science, word and image with color and space…” She directed her first design studio April Greiman, Inc. from 1978–2004 and began her current Los Angeles-based design consultancy Made In Space in 2005.

Who is April Greiman?

Greiman is the director of a design consultancy, Made in Space, based in Los Angeles. Born on September 10, 1948, April Greiman grew up in the New York City. From 1966–1970, she attended the Kansas City Art Institute and during her undergraduate study in graphic design for the first time.

What is made in space?

Multidisciplinary design for memorable spaces, Made in Space is a design consultancy owned and led by April Greiman. For over three decades Made in Space has explored communications design in collaboration with architects, urban planners, and city / civic agencies.

Why is Elizabeth Greiman famous for her design style?

During 1970s, when other designers were afraid of digitalization and that the advancement in computer technology would comprise the International Style, Greiman embraced the idea. Unlike her contemporaries, instead of being repelled she saw beyond the threat the technology posed and exploited the digital tool.