What is an example of aberration?

What is an example of aberration?

An example of an aberration is when the temperature in Minnesota hits 90 degrees in January — it’s nice and warm, but it’s really strange. The noun aberration often refers to something that doesn’t fit with current moral standards, or is something that shows a mental lack of control.

What is a aberration person?

b : something or someone regarded as atypical and therefore able to be ignored or discounted Harkins was to be regarded as an aberration among American military leaders …—

What is the meaning of Sa Sa?

Acronym. Definition. SASA. Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa.

What is an aberration in psychology?

a pathological deviation from normal thinking, particularly as a symptom of a mental or emotional disorder.

Can a person be an aberration?

If someone considers a person or their behaviour to be an aberration, they think that they are strange and not socially acceptable. Single people are treated as an aberration and made to pay a supplement.

What is aberrant Behaviour?

1 : deviating from the usual or natural type : atypical, abnormal aberrant behavior I don’t intend to suggest that his psychology was in some way aberrant or neurotic …— Michael Chabon. 2 : straying from the right or normal way aberrant misfits.

How do you use procure in a sentence?

Procure sentence example

  1. Is there anything I can procure for you?
  2. He used his influence to procure as much autonomy as possible for the province of Hanover, but was a strong opponent of the Guelph party.
  3. The doctor promised to procure it for him and began to ask how he was feeling.

What is a Morphodite?

noun. informal, slang, dialect. 1US Originally: a hermaphrodite; a person having both male and female sex characteristics. In later use also: a homosexual man or woman, especially one overtly manifesting features or attributes regarded as characteristic of the opposite sex; a transvestite.

What does aberration mean in the dictionary?

noun. the act of departing from the right, normal, or usual course. the act of deviating from the ordinary, usual, or normal type. deviation from truth or moral rectitude. mental irregularity or disorder, especially of a minor or temporary nature; lapse from a sound mental state.

What does Touchous mean?

touchy; overly sensitive
Adjective. touchous (comparative more touchous, superlative most touchous) (rare, US, regional, chiefly Southern) touchy; overly sensitive quotations ▼

What is SA on TikTok?

If you see a TikTok video, comment or hashtag that contains the letters ‘SA’, it is usually referring to sexual assault. These videos usually have a trigger warning, and people prefer to use the abbreviation as it is such a sensitive topic.

What is the meaning of aberrative?

Did you actually mean abortive or aperitif? Descriptive of an object or measurement that has deviated or been knocked, momentarily and sharply, from the more dominant, normal or expected course or trajectory to which it either has or is expected to return in the longer term. How to pronounce aberrative? How to say aberrative in sign language?

What is aberrative oscillation?

Having deviated or been knocked, momentarily and sharply, from the more dominant or expected course or trajectory. A large aberrative oscillation has been observed in the financial markets.

What is aberrations in ethics?

1a : the fact or an instance of deviating or being aberrant especially from a moral standard or normal state aberrations of character.

What is the root word of aberration?

Send us feedback . borrowed from Latin aberrātiōn-, aberrātiō “diversion, relief,” from aberrāre “to wander away” + -tiōn-, -tiō, suffix of action nouns — more at aberrant entry 1 “Aberration.”