What is agencysmart?

What is agencysmart?

AgencySmart is the ONLY all-in-one solution that combines a CRM, Quote Engine, Commissions and Online Benefit Enrollment. The commission system is easy to use and allows us to pay base commissions, overrides and bonuses quickly and accurately.

What can smart agency do for You?

Different complementary media : television, radio, newspapers, news-on-demand, websites are collaborating and Smart Agency can connect you with all of them. If your company is looking into launching a new TV programme, whether in education, health, art or culture

Why do you use the agencysmart quote engine?

Our agency uses the Agencysmart quote engine because our staff finds it to be fast and very easy to generate proposals. The system streamlines the process because it allows us to include pediatric dental quotes as well as flexibility to select various contribution levels.