What is Afkar?

What is Afkar?

Between editions, Afkar works to raise the level of discourse and cultivate the next generation of decision-makers through public discussions, videos series, and fellowship programs. Afkar Talks are public events featuring high-profile, distinguished experts brought together around a specific subject.

What is Afkar incubator?

Afkar Incubator is a free six-month program that is based in Tunis where the involvement of the incubated entrepreneurs varies upon the phases. It is essential to show up to Afkar Incubator’s workstation in the first and last weeks of the program. The entrepreneur must be able to devote around twenty hours per week to our program activities.

Why should I attend Afkar talks?

These events are publicly accessible and streamed live to include as many participants as possible; Afkar talks also serve as important networking and relationship-building opportunities for participants.

Who is the COO at Afkar?

Ons Hamza is COO at Afkar where her experience with process management and financial planning are brought together to assure a long-term sustainable growth strategy for the project. Ons has received her bachelor degree in Business Administration from Tunis Business School in June 2018 with honors.