What is A356?

What is A356?

A356 aluminum alloy is made up of 92.05% Aluminum, 7% Silicon, 0.35% Magnesium, 0.20% Iron, 0.20% Copper, 0.10% Maganese and 0.10% Zinc. It is lightweight and extremely corrosion resistant like stainless steel. If needed, A356 aluminum can be used as a substitute for aluminum alloy 6061.

What is the difference between T5 and T6 heat treatment?

T5 is a high-temperature forming + artificial aging. It is cooled by a high-temperature molding process and then subjected to a plastic aging state. T6 is solution heat treatment + artificial aging. After the solution heat treatment, the state of artificial aging is performed.

How do you heat treat 6061 to T6?

Solution heat treatment is done by raising the alloy temperature to about 980 degrees F and holding it there for about an hour. The purpose of this is to dissolve all the alloying elements in a solid solution in the aluminum.

What is LM6 Aluminium?

LM6 is a corrosion resistant aluminum casting alloy with average durability and strength, and with high impact strength and ductility. Applications: general, electrical, marine, intricate shaped castings, and building cladding panels. Key Words: Al Si12, BS 1490, LM 6; Aluminium.

What is LM4 Aluminium?

LM4 is a widely used general purpose alloy for most general engineering purposes. Both thick and thin casting sections can be formed from LM4 aluminium castings and it finds addition uses due to its castings pressure tightness. When heat treated relatively high static loading can be maintained.

What is the difference between 356 T6 and 6061 T6?

356.0-T6 Aluminum vs. 6061-T6 Aluminum Both 356.0-T6 aluminum and 6061-T6 aluminum are aluminum alloys. Both are furnished in the T6 temper. They have a moderately high 93% of their average alloy composition in common.

What is 356 T6 cast aluminum?

356.0-T6 Cast Aluminum. 356.0-T6 aluminum is 356.0 aluminum in the T6 temper. To achieve this temper, the metal is solution heat-treated and artificially aged until it meets standard mechanical property requirements. It has the highest strength compared to the other variants of 356.0 aluminum.

What is the alloy number for 356 aluminum?

356 Aluminum Alloy A356 & 356 Aluminum Sand Castings Aluminum alloy A356.0 and 356.0 are a 7% Si, 0.3% Mg alloy with 0.2 Fe (max) and 0.10 Zn (max). The alloys have very good casting and machining characteristics.

What is A356-T6?

A356-T6 is the alloy used by over 95% of contemporary Aluminum wheels. It is used because it is a good balance of many expectations mandated by the material. Starting at the top and going clockwise: Tensile strength is the measurable used to describe when the material will rupture under excessive load, such as a tire blow out.