What is a ulzzang boy?

What is a ulzzang boy?

t͈ɕɐŋ]), is a popular South Korean term literally meaning “best face” or “good-looking”. A person desiring ulzzang status would gain popularity on the internet through entering contests where their photos are judged and chosen by voters. The trend is unisex and is practised by both males and females.

What are ulzzang eyes?

Originally used to refer to the large eyes, small lips, high nose bridges, and pale milky complexion of Korean fashion models, ulzzang status became popular in the wake of Cyworld picture contests, in which voters would select among the most stylish photographs submitted.

What does Chok Chok mean in Korean?

Here’s a new phrase for you: chok chok. It’s a Korean phrase meaning moist—and more often than not, it’s used to describe luminous skin. For over a decade in Korean beauty culture, using powder to mattify ones complexion has been considered a cardinal sin.

Is pointing rude in Korea?

Personal Space: Personal space is not guarded very closely in Korea. People generally expect to come into contact with strangers on busy streets and tend not to worry or apologise when personal space is invaded. Pointing: People do not point with their index finger but rather with their entire hand.

What is an ulzzang?

Just as they call “Ulzzangs,” a Korean term that literally translates as “best face,” are individuals who attract attention online for their outstanding looks. With their amazing facial features, they are scouted by entertainment agencies and made into the idols we know and love.

Who are some famous ulzzang?

And so, here is a list of favorites that are famous ulzzang whom we know and love. The current leader and main rapper of Red Velvet, Irene, is indeed an Ulzzang before! Her petite body, small face, sparkling eyes is making everyone’s crazy!

Are there any ulzzangs in the K-pop industry?

Just a reminder that this is not a list of pretty faces in the K-Pop industry, but they are considered as legitimate ulzzangs in the entertainment industry, including music shows, variety programs, etc. Comment below on who else are ultimate ulzzangs that we missed!

Was AOA’s Mina an ulzzang before she became an idol?

AOA’s Mina was an ulzzang before she became an idol. Fans also had her pictures from her pre-debut days, which proved that she is a total ulzzang! The former vocalist from the group Block B, Jaehyo, was an extremely popular ulzzang before he got into music that he is actually recognized as the first place for Mnet Pretty Boys!