What is a UC column?

What is a UC column?

UC – universal column or UB – universal beam. Universal columns are the most often used sections for structural steel purposes. Unlike a universal beam, the UC’s width is roughly equal to their depth. For example, a 152 UC 23 is 152 mm wide and 152 mm deep and 152*89 UB 16 is 89mm wide and 152mm deep.

Can a universal column be used as a beam?

A Universal column is structured to hold loads along its vertical axis and resist twisting, while universal beams are structured to hold loads along the length of the beam and are structured to resist bending from the weight of the load. Yet, both are meant to hold a lot of weight coming in from one direction.

What does Ukc stand for in steel?

Universal Columns
This design software may be used to verify columns in “simple construction” – subject to axial loads and nominal moments from eccentric beam reactions assumed to be 100 mm from the face of the column. The tool covers Universal Beams (Advance ® UKB) and Universal Columns (Advance ® UKC) in S275 and S355 steel.

Is code for Universal column?

Import Data and Price of universal columns under HS Code 72163300 | Zauba.

Is NPB beam?

NPB (Narrow Parallel Flange Beams) areused as beams where inside flange surfaces are parallel. Beam sunder this standard have flange widths generally lower than the depth. Narrow Flanged Beams come in widths between55mm to 270 mm.

How do you calculate Universal column?

The exact size of the steel column changes depending on the weight of it. The total weight of the universal column is easily calculated by multiplying this weight per metre by the total length in metres.

What is the difference between a universal beam and an RSJ?

Is an RSJ the Same as a Universal Beam (I Beam)? Yes, it is; both are essentially the same thing. An RSJ is used as a structural support beam in many different ways within the construction and civil engineering industry. It has an I or H-shaped cross-section and comes in many standard sizes.

What is the size of a UC beam?

UC Beam. Designation. Wt kg/m. Depth (mm) Flange Width (mm) Flange Thickness (mm) UC 152 x 152 x 23. 23.0.

What are the dimensions of a universal column (UC)?

Universal Columns (UC) Dimensions and properties Universal Columns (UC) sizes Designation Serial size Mass per metre kg/m Depth of section Width of section Thickness Root radius Depth between fillets 152 x 152 x 37 37.0 161.8 154.4 8.0 11.5 7.6 123.6 6.71 15.50 2210 706 6.85 3.87

What are the dimensions of a 37 kg universal column?

152 x 152 x 37 kg universal column Weight 37 kg Metres per tonne 27 area of section cm² 47.1 Standard Sizes 6100, 8000, 9500, 11000, 12200, 13000, 1 surface area end faces m² 0.009