What is a tuxedo?

What is a tuxedo?

Linux Computers / PCs Computers / PCs with Linux preinstalled & more TUXEDO Computers are individually built computers and PCs being fully Linux-suitable, custom tailored Linux hardware so to say 🙂 We deliver all TUXEDOs ready to go so you only have to unwrap,… Mini Systems Midi Systems

What kind of notebooks does Tuxedo offer?

TUXEDO Computers Your account Linux Notebooks 10-14 inch 15-16 inch 17.3 inch Business notebooks Deep Learning AI Gaming-Notebooks Manjaro Mobility notebooks All Notebooks Linux Computers / PCs Mini Systems Midi Systems Maxi Systems AMD Systems Intel Systems All Systems Accessories, books & co. Books / Book tipps Components Hard Disk Drives 2.5″

Where will Tuxedo deliver my order?

Conditions of Use TUXEDO and X logo for laptop and computer Shipping costs & delivery times We’re delivering your order in almost every country, inside Europe even free of charge! All shipping fees as well as the treshold amount for free shipping are listed below.

Does my Tuxedo come pre-installed with drivers and software packages?

We ship your TUXEDO readily pre-installed with all drivers and software packages for the best possible Linux experience ‘out of the box’. Unbox it, turn it on and you are good to go!