What is a Tone Bender pedal?

What is a Tone Bender pedal?

Tone Bender is the name of several fuzzboxes. Macari’s Ltd, who also own the Sola Sound Brand, and who have built and sold the pedals since 1965 now own the Tone Bender trademark. Korg used to own Tone Bender trademarks in the 1990s.

Which Tone Bender is best?

Best Tone Bender Clones

  • Boss TB-2W.
  • EarthQuaker Devices Park Fuzz Sound.
  • Sola Sound / Colorsound / D.A.M. Tone Bender.
  • Seeker Electric Effects MkII Tone Bender.
  • JHS Bender.
  • PigDog JUJU.
  • DanDrive Secret Machine.
  • Expresso FX MkI Fuzz Bender.

Do Tone Benders clean up?

The Tonebender does clean up, but in my experience (I only own a tonebender clone) it’s still quite splatty in low attack mode which is definitely an acquired taste for some I’m sure.

What songs did Jimmy Page use a Tone Bender on?

Jimmy used his Professional MK II Tone Bender extensively during his stint with the Yardbirds and in the early days of Led Zeppelin. This pedal can be heard on “Dazed and Confused”, “How Many More Times”, and “You Shook Me” all from the first Led Zeppelin album.

Did Jimmy Page use a fuzz pedal?

The Tone Bender Fuzz The Tone Bender is a fuzz pedal made very famous in the 60s and 70s thanks to users like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and more.

What pedals did Jimmy Page use?

Page used the H-910 model in studio from 1976 to mid 1980s. He then switched to the H-949 model and used it on stage with the Firm. At that time he was also using two pedals from Boss: SD-1 Super Overdrive and CE-2 Chorus.

Who used a Tone Bender pedal?

Its rank in the sonic pantheon in the sky is assured by its use on seminal recordings by a plethora of legendary guitarists from the British scene in the mid-to-late 1960s. Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Mick Ronson, and Pete Townshend were among the many users who deployed the Tone Bender to devastating aural effect.

Did Jimmy Page use a wah pedal?

Jimmy Page was something of a wah collector. He used a Vox wah almost exclusively in the early days of the band and this too was said to have been modified by Roger Mayer to suit Page’s needs.

Who uses a Tone Bender?

Did Jimmy Page use a distortion pedal?

Page played on sessions for countless bands in the ’60s, including for songs by The Who and The Kinks, so while he didn’t invent distorted guitar alone, the presence of his distortion pedal in his session gear most likely had a huge impact on the kinds of guitar sounds heard on the radio.

What overdrive pedal did Jimmy Page use?

What is Sola Sound Ltd?

Sola Sound Ltd Sola Sound Ltd. Born in the righteous year of our Lord nineteen hundred and sixty four. Home of Colorsound and all its multi-colored off spring.

What is a professional Mk II guitar pedal?

“ [Appearing in around 1966], these pedals were branded for Sola Sound and Vox and have the first official version name, ‘Professional MK II’, screenprinted on them. “The first MK IIs are modified 1.5s.

What’s the difference between an FZ-1 and a Mk I sustaining pedal?

So Gary set about making a longer sustaining pedal and the difference is to do with the voltage: an FZ-1 is three volts, and a MK I is nine volts. “The earliest ones have the classic cheese-wedge kind of shape, but are made of wood and were pretty fragile.