What is a standard size blind?

What is a standard size blind?

If you’ve ever wondered what the standard size of window blinds is, the standard window length ranges from 36 to 72 inches, and the standard width ranges from 24 to 60 inches.

What size is a 5FT blind in CM?

150cm x 170cm
(Grey, 150cm x 170cm (59″ x 66.9″) (5FT))

What size is a 4ft blind in CM?

Watercolour Flower Thermal Blackout Roller Blind Free Cut To Size (4ft (122cm))

How big can a blind be?

Generally, our standardchain operated roller blinds can reach a maximum of 3450mm wide and our new Premium XL range of roller blinds can reach up to 4700mm wide, which for most people is plenty wide enough.

How do I choose a blind size?

Measure both the width of the window and the height of the window. Consider adding an extra 3 inches to the width and height for optimum light control and privacy. Extending the blinds outside the window will also provide the space needed for the mounts and help the window appear larger than it actually is.

What is the height of a Roman blind?

The rail height is 4.5 cm, the depth of the blind including the carrier is 6 cm. With an easy mounting system, this roman blind is simple to install and suits any room’s existing décor. The blind includes hooks which can be attached first to the window frame and then the blind’s eyelet header, without any need for drilling or screws.

How many feet and inches in 172 cm?

Use this easy calculator to convert centimeters to feet and inches. Centimeters 172 Centimeters = 5 Feet, 7.7165 Inches (rounded to 5 digits) Click herefor the opposite calculation

What is the size of a 60cm blind?

Please note that the fabric size is 3.2cm narrower than the finished size, e.g. a 60cm blind = fabric size 56.8cm. Passt genau und Montage ist echt sehr leicht und kann jeder .

What is the maximum possible width for a roller blind?

Please note the maximum possible width from the window handle to the window sash on the opposite side. E.g. for a fabric width of 75 cm, add 4 cm. The next higher required width is 80 cm. The ordered width indicates the total width of the roller blind – the fabric is always 4 cm narrower than the specified order width!