What is a sand clock?

What is a sand clock?

Sand clock is also known as sand-glass or hour-glass. The sand clock uses the flow of sand (from one glass bulb to another) to measure time. The length of time taken by the sand to pass from one bulb of the sand clock to the other, gives a constant time interval. A sand clock consists of two glass bulbs joined together through a narrow tube.

What is the time system in Hindi?

In Hindi, we use 12 hour system which means we use AM and PM. Time = समय (Samay) Watch = घड़ी (Ghadi) O’clock = बजे (Baje) Hour = घँटा (Ghanta) Minute = मिनट (Minute) Day = दिन (Din) Night = रात (Raat) Morning = सुबह (Subah)

Why is a sand clock turned upside down?

When the sand clock is to be used again, it is turned upside down so that the sand containing bulb comes at the top. The sand clock (or sand glass) is usually filled with so much sand that it takes one hour to fall from the upper bulb to the lower bulb.