What is a polling engine?

What is a polling engine?

The Polling engine, ncp_poller, is the component that controls network polling. The Polling engine uses active polling operations to gather data. This data is used to trigger alerts if appropriate, and can optionally be stored in the NCPOLLDATA database for later analysis in the performance reports.

What is main polling engine in SolarWinds?

Each Orion NPM installation is itself a singular polling engine and is rated to be able to poll up to 10,000 elements without impacting performance. However, there may be a day where your polling engine approaches, or exceeds, its polling rate limit.

How do I add a poll to my engine?

Log in to your customer portal, and look for the Additional polling engine package, then download the latest version to the newly created server. Run the additional polling engine installer. Enter the IP address of the main server, then click ‘Next.

How do I add a poller to SolarWinds?

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  1. Click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Details, click Polling Engines.
  3. Click the Download Installer Now button.

Is polling event driven?

Both interrupt driven code and event driven code waits for event before running a code, while polling will attempt to query for event whether or not one actually exists.

Can we do install an additional web server and man polling engine on the same server in SolarWinds?

Additional Web Server and Additional Polling Engine cannot be installed on the same node. An Additional Polling Engine (APE) cannot co-exist on the same server as an Additional Web Server (AWS) or the primary polling engine.

Can we do install database and main polling engine on the same server?

How does SolarWinds HA work?

The SolarWinds HA software monitors the health of both servers in the pool, and both servers keep open communication channels over TCP port 5671 to exchange information. When a critical service goes down, such as the SolarWinds Information Service, the software starts the service.

Is events better than polling?

While a polled operation is simple to program, it is generally advisable to use event-driven operations because they are more portable, robust, and less dependent on the operating system timing.

What is better than polling?

So between the two methods, the interrupt is more advantageous than polling because the microcontroller can serve many devices (not all at the same time, of course) based on the priority assigned to it. The polling method cannot assign priority because it checks all devices in a round-robin fashion.

Can we do install database and man polling engine on the same server?

This article explains why an Additional Polling Engine (APE) cannot co-exist on the same server as an Additional Web Server (AWS) or the primary polling engine. All objects must be installed on their own nodes.

Why can’t I ping the additional polling engines?

For Additional Polling Engines, check whether all prerequisites of the Agent Management Service are properly installed. DESCRIPTION: Pinging the messaging service has failed.

What should I do if my polling engine is overloaded?

If only one polling engine is getting overloaded, redistribute the polling jobs and divide polled nodes among your additional polling engines. If the total of monitored elements by your NPM deployment is close to 1,000,000 elements, deploy the Enterprise Operations Console in a distributed deployment.

How many monitored elements can a polling engine poll?

For each polling engine, review the number of polled elements. If the number of monitored elements per polling engine is close to 10,000, consider adding another polling engine before you reach the polling limit of 12,000 monitored network elements. Unmanaged nodes are also counted as monitored elements.

How do I change the polling completion and rate?

Click Settings > All Settings > Polling Engines, and review the values for polling completion and rate. Polling completion is the rate of polls across all polling engines completed without the need to delay polls.