What is a KX125?

What is a KX125?

The KX is The Bike That Builds Champions. In perfect condition, garage kept…. Not only did the Kawasaki KX125 win three straight American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) 125cc National Championships in the talented hands of Ricky Carmichael, it also captured an AMA 125cc Western Region Supercross title with Shae Bentley at the helm.

What is Kx™ motocross?

The most storied franchise in the sport of motocross continues today and has no plans of stopping. It is a reputation earned from giving riders the winning edge time and time again. No other manufacturer is committed to winning like Kawasaki. From the starting gate to the finish line, every KX™ motorcycle is built to take the lead and stay ahead.

Did Ricky Carmichael ride a Kawasaki KX 125 SplitFire in 1996?

This is a Replica Project from the 1996 KAWASAKI KX 125 SPLITFIRE that Ricky Carmichael rode and won in 1996. This bike was completely done from the ground. We sandblasted the frame, subframe, swingarm, radiators, motor, carburetor, brake calipers and many other parts to look clean and new again. Powder Coating was done on the frame and subframe.