What is a cattle brand?

What is a cattle brand?

Cattle brands are unique markings that ranches and farms apply to their cattle, through a process of either extreme heat or extreme cold, which creates a permanent identifying mark on the cow’s skin. Farmers have been branding their cattle to track ownership for almost 5,000 years.

What are Brangus cattle?

The Brangus breed of cattle was specifically developed to combine the two most popular beef cattle the Brahman and the Angus breeds. The result of the cross was the Brangus which is quite a popular beef breed and renowned for its hardiness, disease resistant, easy calving and good quality of milk for its calves.

Are cattle brands still used in Texas?

Cattle Brands. Cattle brands still play an important role in identifying an animal’s owner in Texas cattle ranching. The practice of branding is ancient. Some Egyptian tomb paintings at least 4,000 years old depict scenes of roundups and cattle branding, and biblical evidence suggests that Jacob the herdsman branded his stock.

What is a brand number on a cow?

The brand marking is usually made up of two or more letters and numbers, but with embellishments that make them unique. For example, if a brand was 7F, a cattle rustler could steal the cow and overwrite the brand with a couple of extra lines to change it to ZE.