What happened to the Coke polar bear commercial?

What happened to the Coke polar bear commercial?

While the bears aren’t included in the brand’s Christmas TV ad, Advertising Age reports, they will be featured on some packaging. That hasn’t happened in the U.S. since 2013, according to a Coca-Cola Co. spokeswoman.

Why does Coca-Cola use polar bears in their ads?

Creator Ken Stewart initially got the idea for the groundbreaking commercial called “Northern Lights” from his Labrador Retriever, which reminded him of a polar bear as a cute, fluffy puppy. In the ad, the polar bears watch the aurora borealis (the Northern Lights) and drink Coca-Cola.

How old is the Coca-Cola polar bear commercial?

Coca-Cola’s first polar bear print advertisement appeared in France in 1922, and for the next 70 years, polar bears appeared sporadically in print advertising. In 1993, The Coca-Cola Company made a dramatic shift in its advertising by introducing the “Always Coca-Cola” campaign.

When was the last polar bear Coke commercial?

Why Coke Is Ditching The Polar Bears For Its 2013 Super Bowl Ad.

Why is Coke being Cancelled?

In October 2020, Coca-Cola made a huge announcement: The company had decided to discontinue 200 of its beverage brands in an effort to rid its portfolio of underperforming brands and prioritize those that showed the most opportunity for growth and scale.

Why did Coca-Cola get rid of the white polar bear?

The company claimed it had intended a “disruptive” campaign to get its conservation message across. “The white can resonated with us because it was bold, attention-grabbing” and “reinforced the campaign theme,” Scott Williamson, a spokesman for Coca-Cola told the Wall-Street Journal.

Is Coke dropping the polar bears?

The Coca-Cola Company is, additionally, donating $3 million to the WWF’s polar bear conservation efforts. “We want to help the polar bear — a beloved Coca-Cola icon since 1922 — by helping conserve its Arctic habitat,” said Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company.

Is Coca-Cola dropping the polar bear?

A campaign by Coca-Cola to draw attention to the plight of the polar bear is being diluted after consumers complained that the cans were changed from red to white.

Who is the Sprite Boy?

Sprite Boy is the elf-like character that served as a Coca-Cola ambassador in the 1940s almost 20 years before Sprite soda was created in 1961. The exhibit shares Sprite Boy’s story and history through artifacts, original paintings, print advertising and photos from around the world.

Who designed the Coca-Cola polar bear?

director Ken Stewart
Although Coca-Cola featured a polar bear in a print ad in France in 1922, the animated bears that the brand is known for today were created by director Ken Stewart in the early ’90s.

What brands are Coke canceling?

10 Coca-Cola Products You Can’t Buy Anymore

  • TaB. TaB, introduced in 1963 as the company’s first diet soft drink, was one of the products on Coca-Cola’s 2020 hit list.
  • Odwalla.
  • Zico Coconut Water.
  • Coca-Cola BlaK.
  • Coca-Cola C2.
  • OK Soda.
  • Diet Coke Lime.
  • Diet Coke Feisty Cherry.

When did Coca Cola start advertising polar bears?

Coca-Cola’s first polar bear print advertisement appeared in France in 1922, and for the next 70 years, polar bears appeared sporadically in print advertising. Check out this story and more news from The Coca-Cola Company.

Does Coca-Cola use polar bears in their products?

This notwithstanding, the use of polar bears has given rise to some controversy. In 2011, Coca-Cola pledged $2 million toward saving the species from extinction, and helped raise a further $3 million from consumers. Nevertheless, in 2011 to 2013, the company spent approximately $9.8 billion on marketing, and generated $8.7 billion in profits.

What animal is Coca-Cola’s mascot?

On top of Santa infamously donning the Coke-red robes, Coca-Cola introduced the polar bear as a mascot back in 1922. They’ve periodically used a mother bear and cubs in seasonal advertising for decades to follow.

What makes Coca Cola a good holiday brand?

Coca-Cola is a brand that knows how to establish an emotional connection between its product and the holiday themes of families gathering and togetherness. Animals can provide ever-popular characters to sell your product; give them recognizable human characteristics for consumers to identify with.