What happened to SRPA resistance?

What happened to SRPA resistance?

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of a combined SRPA-Minutemen-US Armed Forces coalition, most of the defenses were wiped out when the Chimera deployed Spires in major population centers, leading to a major rout as the military attempted to evacuate the city.

Who are the cloven in resistance?

The Cloven are an enigmatic faction of human/Chimera hybrids who were formerly soldiers of the Imperial Russian Army that were inoculated with an experimental vaccine to the Chimera virus derived from Pure Chimeran DNA by Dr. Fyodor Malikov.

What year is Resistance 2 set?

Resistance 2 does not offer co-op for the single player campaign. Cooperative mode features a separate campaign mode set in 1952–53 in the gap in the time line of the single-player campaign.

What does a pure chimera look like?

They resemble long, segmented armored worms, with multiple eyes on their heads and sharp, shearing teeth. Their heads are similar in appearance to those of Hybrids. A fossilized skeleton of a Pure Chimera can also be found in the mines of Mount Pleasant in Resistance 3.

Where does chimera live?


Parents Typhoeus and Echidna
Form Lion’s body, three-heads–of a lion, goat and serpent
Home Mount Cragus in Lycia
Slain by Bellerophon

What happened to SRPA 4 and SRPA 5?

SRPA 4 – The base was destroyed after the fall of the Liberty Defense Perimeter, but not before completing a prototype fission bomb which was used in Operation Black Eden. Status: Destroyed, as of 1953 SRPA 5 – Was station by Dr. Willard Libby, who used his method of radiocarbon dating on a recovered Gray Tech component.

What does SRPA stand for?

This article, Special Research Projects Administration, or a section of this article may require overall cleanup . The Special Research Projects Administration (SRPA) was an American military research organization that was tasked with studying and eliminating the Chimera.

What is SRPA 6?

SRPA 6 (Valentine, Nebraska) – Underground base located near the original site of Fort Niobrara. Built in 1934, the base is noted for having its unearth debris during its construction phase used for building a 50 ft. wall surrounding the base. In response to SRPA Directive 1140.

What happened to SRPA 11?

SRPA 11 (Black Rock Desert, Nevada) – Relocated site of Project Prometheus. Status: Unknown, functioning sometime after the events of Operation Wrath of God, likely destroyed as of 1957.