What happened to Kang Min Hyuk?

What happened to Kang Min Hyuk?

Following his discharge from the military in early 2020, Kang made his acting comeback in a romantic comedy-drama, How to Be Thirty. The streaming television series premiered on KakaoTV in February 2021. In March 2021, Kang starred in MBC’s romantic comedy series, Oh My Ladylord.

How old is Kang minhyuk?

30 years (June 28, 1991)Kang Min-hyuk / Age

How do you write Kang Min Hyuk in Korean?


  • Name: Kang Min-Hyuk.
  • Hangul: 강민혁
  • Born: June 28, 1991.
  • Birthplace: South Korea.
  • Height: 184cm.
  • Blood Type:

Does Min Hyuk like Shin Ae?

Shin-Ae Yoo Min-Hyuk and Shin-Ae have been close friends for quite a while, although the two haven’t been in touch lately because Min-Hyuk was overseas. The two of them have a slightly feisty friendship and they like to joke around and use slang often with each other.

How tall is Kang Min Hyuk?

6′ 0″Kang Min-hyuk / Height

What does minhyuk mean in Korean?

From Sino-Korean 敏 (min) meaning “sensitive, keen, quick” or 珉 (min) meaning “jade” combined with 赫 (hyeok) meaning “bright, luminous”. Other Hanja combinations can form this name as well.

Does Shin-Ae like Dieter?

First Appearance. Dieter Becker-Wulff is a supporting character in I Love Yoo. He is a German student who is one of Yeong-Gi’s closest friends, alongside Soushi Toyoshima. He is the only character confirmed to have romantic feelings for Shin-Ae Yoo.

Who is Hansuke?

Hansuke Shishido, M.D. is a supporting character in I Love Yoo. He is the older cousin of Kousuke Hirahara and is currently working as a doctor at Hirahara Memorial Hospital. He has been considered a wildcard, since he loves to party and find entertainment.

How tall is Kang NEUL?

5′ 11″Kang Ha-neul / Height

Why is minhyuk BTOB called Huta?

In order to make myself look more like a celebrity, I bleached my hair and pierced my ears for the first time in 30 years.” Minhyuk then explained the meaning behind “Huta” in the album’s name. The singer said, “’Huta’ is a Sino-Korean word that means ‘to swing into an empty space.