What happened Blazin Squad?

What happened Blazin Squad?

After Blazin’ Squad’s popularity dwindled, Strider and his best band pal Flava went on to form their own songwriting and production company. Strider has now written songs for top-selling UK artists including Leona Lewis, Emili Sande, KSI, Naughty Boy and Professor Green.

Where are Blazin Squad from?

Highams Park, United KingdomBlazin’ Squad / OriginHighams Park is a suburban district in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, England, near Epping Forest and 8.7 miles north-east of Charing Cross.
Traditionally a part of Walthamstow parish and municipal borough, it is primarily a residential area, with mainly Victorian and 1930s terraced houses. Wikipedia

When did Blazin Squad start?

2002Blazin’ Squad / Active from
In The Beginning: 2002 For their official debut, the band released a cover of the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony song “Crossroads” for Warner Music’s East West Records label. This single was the first to reach the UK Top 40, and debuted in the number one spot on the UK Singles Chart of 31 August 2002.

When did Blazin Squad split?

Ollie Georgiou of Squad fame recently confirmed to Metro.co.uk that after splitting in 2009 the lads are finally fully reforming – as in hopefully all original 10 – thanks to Marcel’s stint on Love Island bringing Blazing Squad back to the fore.

How old is Rebecca Viera?

She was prosecuted at Guildford crown court under her birth name, Rebecca Marques, after police targeted county lines drugs gangs. Now using the surname Vieira, the 25-year-old has 160,000 Instagram followers and plugs outfits for fashion firms including British brand PLT, popular with millions of youngsters.

How did Marcel and Rebecca meet?

Marcel and Rebecca have been together for 14 months, they celebrated their one-year anniversary in May. They first met at a London nightclub in 2018. The couple revealed that they had been trying for a baby for months and it ‘took a little while’ to get pregnant after they tragically suffered a miscarriage.

Does Marsau Scott have a baby?

Scott is married to his wife LaTisha. The pair have been married for a long time and has three gorgeous children as a result of their union. Marsau Jr, Maci, and Mila are the children of reality stars.