What generation is Intel i7 4600U?

What generation is Intel i7 4600U?

Intel Core i7-4600U is a low-voltage, high-range processor announced September 01, 2013. It is part of the “Haswell” generation and operates at a base frequency of 2GHz.

What generation is i7 3520m?


Market: Mobile
Release Date: Jun 3rd, 2012
Codename: Ivy Bridge
Generation: Core i7 (Ivy Bridge)
Part#: SR0MT

Is the i7 4600U good for gaming?

Both the processor and integrated graphics have a rated board TDP of 15W. It is a powerful processor whose performance is good.

How good is the i7 4600U?

The performance of the Core i7-4600U is similar to the old and slightly higher clocked Core i7-3687U. However, when using new instruction sets such as AVX2, the performance can be significantly higher. Thus, the CPU has sufficient power for office and multimedia purposes as well as more demanding applications.

What is the best Intel Core i7?

Intel Core i7 processors power some of the best high-end laptops that come loaded with horsepower, feature premium and sleek designs, pack impressive displays, and so much more. If you want a laptop that can handle just about anything you throw at it

What are the disadvantages of the Intel Core i7?

Corei5 processors use the DMI bus type while Corei7 uses the QPI bus type.

  • Core i5 Processor is dual-core or quad-core whereas Core i7 processor is dual-core,quad-core and hex-core processor architectures.
  • Hyper-Threading is not possible in Core i5 processor but it is possible in Core i7 processor.
  • How good is an Intel Core i7 processor?

    – Core i3: Dual-core processors with hyper-threading. – Core i5: Quad-core processors without hyper-threading. – Core i7: Quad-core processors with hyper-threading.

    Which is better AMD or Intel Core i7?

    – Overclockable – Power efficient – Good gaming performance – PCIe 4.0 support