What episode of bad education is the swimming gala?

What episode of bad education is the swimming gala?

Swimming Gala. Contains adult humour.

Who plays Joy in bad education?

Sue Vincent

Role Contributor
Chantelle Nikki Runeckles
Rem Dogg Jack Binstead
Jing Kae Alexander
Joy Sue Vincent

Is Jack Whitehall allergic to chlorine?

Is Jack Whitehall allergic to chlorine? I’m not allergic to chlorine. But I played a character on Bad Education, my TV sitcom, who was allergic to chlorine.

Why did Mitchell leave bad education?

In Series 3, he becomes infatuated with Cleopatra. In the second episode of Series 3, Mitchell left Abbey Grove after his father’s fairground is shut down by the council. It is implied that he had moved and transferred to another school, but by “The Exam”, Mitchell is shown in a youth detention centre.

Who plays the American teacher in Bad Education?

Kevin Schwimer (portrayed by Kyle Soller) is employed as a new history teacher in Series 2, who claims to be American and had many wild experiences that impress Mr Fraser. His short tenure at the school ends after Alfie and Jing expose him as a fraud and is actually from Dudley.

When was Jack Bence born?

Jack Bence(born 23 September) is an english entertainer known for his job Raz in Sherlock Holmes and as of late in TV arrangement Bad Education….Jack Bence Height, Net Worth, Age,Wiki, Who, Biography, Boyfriend, Girlfriend.

Name Jack Bence
Birthday 23 september
Gender Male
Height 5ft 9 in
Weight 71kg

Is REM dog in a wheelchair?

Watch this day in a life video to see how he gets on! Actor Jack Binstead, who starred as Rem Dogg in BBC3’s Bad Education has osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones) and has been a wheelchair user since the age of three.

How tall is Mitchell Harper?

Player Results

24 (1997.09.05) Age Turned Pro
146 lbs (66 kg) Weight 5’10” (178 cm) Height
Birthplace Rockhampton, Australia
Plays Right-Handed, Two-Handed Backhand
Coach Mark Draper

Who plays the head teacher in Bad Education?

Shaquille “Simon” Fraser or just Fraser is a character in Bad Education and is the headmaster of Abbey Grove School. He is portrayed by Mathew Horne.

Who plays Raz in Sherlock?

Jack Bence
Jack Bence is a British actor who portrayed Raz in Sherlock. He is well known for his roles in Hereafter, Blitz, Bad Education, and Wish.

What is Ethan Lawrence?

Ethan Lawrence is an actor, known for The Bad Education Movie (2015), Bad Education (2012) and How …