What does Wlbt stand for?

What does Wlbt stand for?

Lamar Broadcasting Television
A few weeks after its debut, the station was renamed WLBT—which stands for Lamar Broadcasting Television—because the original call letters sounded similar to WJTV.

Where was Medgar Evers shot?

Jackson, MSMedgar Evers / Place of death

What channel is NBC in Vicksburg Mississippi?


Station Network Channel
WLBT + 3 subchannels NBC JACKSON 3
WJTV + 3 subchannels CBS JACKSON 12
WAPT + 1 subchannel ABC JACKSON 16
WMAU + 3 subchannels PBS BUDE 17

What happened to the murder of Medgar Evers?

Evers was murdered in 1963 at his home in Jackson, Mississippi, now the Medgar and Myrlie Evers Home National Monument, by Byron De La Beckwith, a member of the White Citizens’ Council in Jackson….

Medgar Evers
Died June 12, 1963 (aged 37) Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.
Cause of death Assassination by gunshot

What channel is Fox in Vicksburg Mississippi?


Station Network Channel
WLOO + 2 subchannels MyNetworkTV VICKSBURG 35
WDBD + 2 subchannels FOX JACKSON 40

Is Bobby DeLaughter still married?

After seventeen years of marriage, they divorced on April 15, 1991, and DeLaughter gained custody of their three children, Burt, Claire, and Drew (DeLaughter 2). Later DeLaughter met a nurse, Peggy Lloyd, whom he married. Peggy was also divorced with three sons, Jared, Joel, and JJ.

When was the first airport built in Jackson Mississippi?

To establish Jackson’s first airport, 151 acres of land was purchased in February 1928 for the sum of $53,500. Davis Field was dedicated later that year. Davis Field is now known as Hawkins Field. Delta Air Lines’ inaugural flight was in 1929.

What happened to Hawkins Field in Jackson MS?

In June of 1941, Hawkins Field at Jackson, MS was designated an Army Air Base. The facility was used as a pilot training center through January 1949, at which time it reverted to civilian aviation status. In 1953, the Mississippi Air National Guard returned to certain facilities at Hawkins Field.

Where is Thompson Field in Mississippi?

Thompson Field is in Rankin County, Mississippi. The Air National Guard facility is named after Charles L. Sullivan, the former Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi and long time member and pilot in the 172d. The base covers about 97 acres of land and contains 33 facility buildings.

Is Thompson Field the same as Jackson Airport?

Even though it is still referred to as Thompson Field, the name has officially been changed to the Jackson International Airport. Along with this International status, the United States Customs office is now located within the facility and there is a Foreign Trade Zone.